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Board Sales and Special Sales
  Montgomery Stockyards offers weekly board sales “tele-auctions” on an as needed basis. When cattle are available for these types of auctions, we start our regular Monday sales with them. We also offer board sale auctions through Linden Stockyards on Wednesdays, and we operate three offsite board sales, The Wiregrass Cattle Marketing Association Sale in late MAy/early April, the Alabama Feeder Cattle Marketing Association Sale on the third Tuesday in July, and the Producers Feeder Calf Sale on the first Wednesday in August.

We are the leader in board sale or tele-auctioning of cattle in Alabama. We market between 300 and 400 load lots of cattle annually. No other marketing agent comes close when it comes to cattle board sales in Alabama.
  How our board sales work:
We sell most of our board sale cattle in truck load lots. These are 48,000 to 50,000 pounds loads of cattle. Many of these cattle are sold in multiple truck load lots. We do sell partial loads of cattle and split (mixed sex) loads in this way as well. The cattle are viewed by Jerry Etheredge, Perry Mobley, or Darrell Stokes prior to the sell. We then advertise the cattle to our vast network of order buyers and feedlots throughout the United States. We also video the cattle and post them to our You Tube channel as well. We charge 1.5% of gross sale plus insurance ($0.25/hundred dollars of value) to market your cattle this way. Then one of our representatives will also be there to sort and load your cattle from your farm.
Want more information? Thank you for visiting our site and learning more about our stockyards . If we can assist you with learning more about Montgomery Stockyards please contact Montgomery Stockyards at montgomerystockyards@gmail.com.
Montgomery Stockyards
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